Digital Photo Technician

Fix and modify photographs to achieve the best results.

What does a Digital Photo Technician do?

In the past, a Photographer captured an image on film and that image couldn’t really be manipulated in a meaningful way. Computers have changed everything. Now, a Photographer can take a mediocre photograph and change almost every single detail in that photo until it truly is a thing of beauty. Often, Digital Photo Technicians do this manipulation work.

Many Digital Photo Technicians work in mini developing departments in grocery stores or drugstores. While your title is “Digital Photo Technician,” your duties might also include directing customers to the aspirin on sale in aisle four, ringing up sales, and helping lost children find their mothers.

When you’re not handling these tasks, you’re using computers to modify photographs. Clients bring you digital copies of their images and tell you what they’d like to fix, and you do as they wish. Often, you only have an hour or so to finish the work, so time is of the essence.

Other Digital Photo Technicians work for hospitals and laboratories. When you work in this setting, the Doctor or Scientist brings you images taken from advanced machinery, such as an MRI, a microscope, or an ultrasound. You then manipulate the color of the image and the size of the photograph so the important details become clear.

This might mean you’re forced to cut out the pretty parts of the photo and focus on small, seemingly boring bits. These are the snippets that point to disease or discovery, so you learn to suppress your artistic side to advance science.