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Digital Intermediate Producer



Coordinate the electronic transference of film to computer.

What does a Digital Intermediate Producer do?

A Digital Intermediate Producer is in charge of the final leg of filmmaking: post-production. You see, filmmaking is like a race. Instead of a sprint or a marathon, however, it’s a relay, as a film typically changes hands many times during the course of production—from Screenwriter to Film Producer to Film Director to Film Editor —like a baton that’s passed between athletes during the various legs of a race.

As a Digital Intermediate Producer, you’re employed by a post-production company to oversee a relatively new process for making motion pictures, called “digital intermediate” or “DI.” With DI, movies that once were finished manually are now finished digitally. More specifically, they’re filmed with a camera, digitized by film scanners, then manipulated electronically by DI Editors, DI Colorists, and others.

The point of DI is to transfer movies from film to computer so they can be electronically edited and enhanced, making higher-quality motion pictures. Your primary job as a Digital Intermediate Producer, therefore, is quality control: You liaise with Film Producers and Film Directors, communicate their goals to the DI staff, and, ultimately, ensure that their vision is properly executed. As a result, your “to-do” list typically includes a combination of communication, meetings, scheduling, delegation, supervision, problem solving, and reporting.

If you’ve ever scanned and Photoshopped a photograph, that’s what the DI process is like—only on a much larger scale. As a Producer, you make sure the movie gets touched up on time, on budget, and to the client’s liking.

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