Digital Imaging Technician

Ensure conditions are perfect for film cameras to capture the action.

What does a Digital Imaging Technician do?

As a Digital Imaging Technician, you work on film sets, making sure that everything goes smoothly with the camera equipment, and that the highest digital image quality is achieved. Digital Imaging Technicians are there through every step of filming, helping the Cinematographer or Director of Photography achieve their vision.

The switch from traditional film stock (you know, what you picture when someone says a reel of film strip) to digital technology has made you an invaluable asset on any motion picture, television, or commercial set. Many Cinematographers need assistance navigating this relatively new high-definition terrain, which is where Digital Imaging Technicians come in.

Your foremost duty is to serve as on-set quality control. You synchronize the cameras and make sure they’re set up to properly capture the scene. You’re also concerned with the exposure and saturation, checking that the captured image isn’t too dark or too bright.

Plus, it’s your job to ensure that there’s visual continuity from scene to scene. In other words, your goal is to limit how much needs to be fixed post-production.

You must be incredibly organized since you’re responsible for downloading the camera footage onto a hard drive. Every bit of downloaded data must be categorized and named. This makes it easier for Cinematographers to review clips while on set, and this step is incredibly crucial to the editing process. Basically, you’re a resource and sounding board for anything related to image quality.