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Digital Imaging Specialist



Digitally alter pictures and film.

What does a Digital Imaging Specialist do?

Digital Imaging Specialists are sometimes described as “modern day Darkroom Assistants,” and overall this serves as a good way to view the position. Digital Imaging Specialists spend their days focused on digitally improving, repairing and cleaning up photographs and film—jobs that require a love of photography and a trained eye for color, tone and graphic composition.

Your typical job duties as a Digital Imaging Specialist include scanning images into a computer, then correcting sizing, formatting, shadows and color balance as well as performing general maintenance on the images. In this work it is helpful to have a working knowledge of photography and studio lighting or grip work, not to mention excellent computer skills. A good grasp of graphic design software is encouraged.

This is a new field in the industry and you have two main choices of where to work: either for a commercial type photography firm or within an image library. Image library positions usually involve working with film reels and call for cataloging and archiving skills. Commercial photography firms offer opportunities for working on photographic assignments and give more freedom for you to serve in a consultant position. Both outlets will give you a large amount of independence and require occasional supervisory duties.

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