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Digital Colorist



Digitally touch-up the color in the final editing process of films and TV.

What does a Digital Colorist do?

If you love watching movies, or have even just seen a movie in the last few years, then you’ve probably seen the work of a Digital Colorist. They’re the ones who step in during a movie’s editing stage to alter the look of the colors used in the movie or the appearance of the stars. Digital Colorists work with the Director and the production crews, especially the Director of Photography, to color correct certain parts of the film that need changing.

This job is like being a professional Photoshopper, where you alter full-length movies instead of vacation photos. Digital Colorists are called upon, for example, if the sunset the Actor are riding into needs some more orange in the sky around it, or if the Director wants a dingy looking train station to appear brand new.

Your job isn’t just all about the scenery, however; a big part of your job is improving the appearance of the Actors. Just like magazines do with airbrushing, you too make sure the leading man and lady look flawless for their close ups: You even-out skin tones, and cover up dark under eye circles that make-up missed. Some leading stars are now even having the promise of digital touch ups written into their contracts, meaning this should be a field that will be booming in the next few years.

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