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Digital Camera Repair Technician

Clean and service high-tech photography equipment.

What does a Digital Camera Repair Technician do?

Just like regular cameras (or any piece of technology for that matter), digital cameras aren’t perfect and occasionally break. Your job as a Digital Camera Repair Technician is to fix them. You do every step of the process, from ordering parts to letting the client know that their camera is fixed.

The work you do as a Digital Camera Repair Technician is all about making a camera run as flawlessly as possible. You replace parts, upgrade existing ones, and make personalized modifications-your clients dictate what exactly it is you’ll be doing. Since you need to talk with them to find out what they want, Digital Camera Repair Technicians are going to need great communication and customer service skills.

The first thing you do after a client brings a camera in is run a series of diagnostic tests. Once you know what’s wrong, you can then give your recommendations.

Although you know a lot about a variety of cameras, you still need to be able to read and understand blueprints. This way, when you’re installing a part, you can do it quickly and correctly the first time, instead of guessing and then finding out you were wrong. This skill also comes in handy when you need to answer questions regarding the mechanics of cameras from customers who call in, and give suggestions for making small improvements.

Without the correct tools and parts, you can’t fix anything, so keeping supplies stocked is important. You place orders with vendors, keep track of shipments, and search for any specialized parts you might need.