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Digital Art Director



Design online ad campaigns.

What does a Digital Art Director do?

A Digital Art Director is responsible for the conception, design, and execution of digital visuals to be used in online advertising, digital marketing, and even print advertising. You’ll probably be in charge of a small, collaborative group of Designers, and it will be your job as Digital Art Director to guide their technical and creative contributions.

What’s an average day like?

Just like in print media, Digital Art Direction requires a single “look” throughout the work. It’s your job to make sure all of the elements come together to make that happen. And digital media offers so many cool new ways to do that: you have interactive tools, crazy graphics, even the voice of social media to incorporate into your artistic productions. Digital Art Directors are coordinating art at a whole new level, and helping define what that means as art moves into the digital world.

Logistically, you’ll be working closely with clients, under tight deadlines, and constantly be asked for fresh, creative, and innovative ideas. You must create a range of concepts and designs for each project while collaborating with Copywriters to ensure your their voice matches your visuals.

But this is the place to be! The internet is where it’s all happening, and you will be dealing with an arena of creative, smart, go-getters. The work will be fast-paced, demanding, and maybe a bit stressful, but really fun and rewarding too when you get to see your creations live on the web. And let’s face it—you’ve come a long way to get to this position, so the cutting-edge ideas you pitch will be given a lot of weight.

Why does this job matter?

If you do your job well, you can be proud of creative amazing, innovative, and beautiful designs that help you client’s business thrive. You’re an essential part of the advertising process that connects companies to customers.

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