Diffuser Operator

Operate multicell diffusers to extract sugar juice from beet slices.

What does a Diffuser Operator do?

Operates automatic multicell diffuser to extract sugar juice from beet slices: Starts diffuser and auxiliary equipment, such as beet slicers, conveyors, and automatic weighing scales. Observes dials and turns controls to regulate flow of beets and water into diffuser, speed of agitators, and temperature of liquid in cells. Reads laboratory report to determine sugar content of beets, and adjusts controls to obtain maximum amount of sugar juice. Examines diffuser cells to determine if screens are clear, and that liquid levels are maintained at specified height. Reads control panel dials and automatic indicators, and records operating data, such as tonnage of beets sliced and diffused, and tonnage of water required to diffuse beet slices.