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Dietary Worker

Help prepare and serve healthy meals for businesses that have cafeterias.

What does a Dietary Worker do?

It’s no secret that people love food, and this keeps you busy as a Dietary Worker. That’s because Dietary Workers help prepare and serve healthy and delicious meals for businesses that have cafeterias. Though similar to the work of a Hospital Food Service Worker, your job focuses less on choosing food for individuals, and instead ensures that everything is clean and there’s enough for everyone.

Your work as a Dietary Worker can take you from homeless shelters to school cafeterias, and all kinds of tasty stops in between. Wherever large crowds need feeding, you’re there. Your first order of business is to help the cook prepare the food. Next, you ensure that plates and utensils are set out, and that the dining area is clean.

Once the food is ready, you place it in serving bowls. You make sure each item has a serving spoon, and that a little of everything, from meats to fruits, is available.

Soon, your hungry guests arrive, and you see to it that you don’t run out of food. After the rush is over, you tidy up and restock. It’s important to check that everything is washed to avoid spreading germs and diseases.

Often, your work finds you in places, such as nursing homes, that care for those who need a little extra help caring for themselves. You make sure that each person is well fed, and has nutritious meals to help them stay strong and healthy.