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Dietary Manager

Oversee kitchen operations at prisons, hospitals, and similar facilities.

What does a Dietary Manager do?

Dietary Managers run the kitchen in nursing homes, hospitals and other non-commercial settings, like prisons and rehabilitation facilities. You work in close consultation with a Dietitian, to help produce a nutritious and balanced menu for your facility.

Think of it like this: If the Dietitian is the head, then you are the hands. A Dietitian plans nutritional menus and implements them broadly, while you, as a Dietary Manager, take care of the day-to-day operations of the food department. This involves letting the Dietitian know how if his or her meal plan is effective in the real world, noting how it is received by the patients by conducting interviews, and monitoring food preparation efficiency. You’ll also answer patient questions about why they are eating certain foods.

This job combines your knowledge of nutrition standards with managerial duties. Some days you will manage staff scheduling and train new employees. Other days you’ll prepare food and manage food inventory, reporting shortages and other issues to the Registered Dietitian.

You also take care of the food, ensuring that the food stock is fresh and that workers are practicing proper hygiene and safe food handling practices. In small facilities, you may also head other service-oriented departments like housekeeping and maintenance.

This is a great job if you love food, and have a level head along with a knack for leadership. Not only do you get to influence the nutritional contents of a large scale menu, but the environment is much less hectic, and the field has far lower turnover than that the restaurant industry. With your appreciation of fruits and vegetables, and your desire for stability, you will be a perfect fit in a career as a Dietary Manager.