Diesel Engine Tester

Analyze operations of diesel engines and components and test equipment.

What does a Diesel Engine Tester do?

Analyzes operation of diesel engines and components, such as blowers and compressors to determine performance using engineering specifications and test equipment: Aligns and connects engine to test equipment, such as generator and motor control panel. Connects oil, fuel, and waterlines to engine. Attaches thermocouple wires to various parts of engine and records temperature readings of oil, water, and bearings from pyrometer. Holds tachometer to turning shaft to determine engine revolutions per minute at various governor settings. Measures pressures on compressors and blowers. Replaces defective parts and adjusts settings on injection pumps, timing, fuel racks, and governor, using dial indicator, micrometer, feeler gauges, and handtools. Logs information for engineering and inspection department. May disassemble and repair powerplant engines and perform field service work [ENGINE REPAIRER, SERVICE].