Die Sinker

Lay out, machine, and finish impression cavities in die blocks.

What does a Die Sinker do?

Lays out, machines, and finishes impression cavities in die blocks to produce forging dies, following blueprints and applying knowledge of diesinking: Analyzes blueprint of part or die and plans sequence of operations. Measures and marks die block to lay out designs of cavities. Sets up and operates variety of machine tools, such as shaper, vertical turret lathe, and engine lathe to machine cavities in die block [TOOL-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR]. Obtains specified dimensions, contours, and finish of die cavities, using tools, such as power grinder, scrapers, files, and emery cloth. Inspects die cavities, using templates and measuring instruments, such as calipers, micrometers, and height gauges to verify conformance to specifications. May develop die design from blueprint of part, using knowledge of machining and forging processes. May make templates to verify dimensions of cavities [TEMPLATE MAKER, EXTRUSION DIE]. May make and inspect sample lead or plaster cast of part to verify fit of die members and basic shape of part. May repair forging dies and be designated Die Repairer, Forging. May set up and operate machines to plane surfaces and edges of forging dies and be known as Edger Machine Setter.