Die Setter

Set up forging machines, using handtools and measuring instruments.

What does a Die Setter do?

Sets up forging machines, such as forging presses, coining presses, drophammers, forging rolls, and upsetters, following blueprint, work order, and data-chart specifications, and using handtools and measuring instruments, such as rules, squares, and gauges: Aligns and bolts specified dies to ram and anvil of presses and hammers. Installs impression and gripping dies and synchronizing cams on upsetting machines. Sets and bolts roll dies into self-positioning slots or dogs on roll shafts of forging rolls. Aligns and bolts positioning fixtures and stops, and turns handles or knobs to synchronize conveyor speed with forging-machining action and heating cycle of furnace. Starts machine and inspects work to verify conformance of die setup to specifications. May be designated according to machine set up as Drop Hammer Setter-Up; Forging Press Setter-Up; Upsetter Setter-Up.