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Die Polisher

Polish and resurface bores and cavities of wire drawing dies.

What does a Die Polisher do?

Polishes and resurfaces bores and cavities of wire drawing dies to specified size and angles, using hand laps or various die polishing machines, tools, and diamond cutting pastes: Cleans dies by immersing them in tank with water, detergent, and agitating pebbles or sonic cleaner. Inspects worn dies to ascertain extent of wear, using loupe, steel gauge pins, and micrometer. Laps die surfaces to specified dimensions as it revolves in lapping machine or on bench lathe, using cotton swabs and progressively finer diamond pastes; or resurfaces and polishes die, using polishing machine and diamond pastes. Inspects die for cracks and smoothness of finish, using loupe or microscope, and measures diameter of die openings for conformance to specifications, using steel gauge pins and micrometer. May resurface and clean dies, using powered drill, grinder, or files and other handtools.