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Die Maker



Fabricate sets of dies for use in forming and shaping metal jewelry blanks.

What does a Die Maker do?

Fabricates set of dies for use in forming and shaping metal jewelry blanks, following drawings or blueprints and using variety of metalworking machines and engraver’s handtools: Brushes blue dye on surface of steel block workpiece. Measures, locates, and marks center of block with cross-lines, using divider and drafter’s pencil. Copies design, freehand, from sample drawing or blueprint, maintaining size specifications. Scribes along drawn line, using scribe. Measures finished design for conformance to specifications, using calipers and gauges. Positions workpiece in vise and cuts out lines of design. Chips and cuts away excess metal to complete design, using metalworking machines and handtools. Verifies dimensions of workpiece, using calipers and gauges. Hardens and tempers steel block and drives it into another block of soft steel or plastic to form sunken design, using press, or sends it to machine shop for processing. Engraves other half of die by pounding thin sheets of metal into completed half. May engrave lettering and designs into dies, using pantograph machine. May cut out, shape, and harden upper steel die used to stamp out jewelry articles and be known as Forcer Maker.

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