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Die Casting Machine Setter

Set up diecasting machines that cast parts from nonferrous metals.

What does a Die Casting Machine Setter do?

Sets up diecasting machines that cast parts, such as automobile trim, carburetor housings, and motor parts from nonferrous metals, such as zinc, aluminum, or magnesium: Lifts specified die sections into machine, using chain fall or hoist. Secures die sections in position and adjusts stroke of ram, using handtools. Connects water hoses to cooling system of die. Preheats die sections with torch or electric heater. Turns valves and sets dials to regulate flow of water circulating through die, timing cycle, and operating speed of machine, based on size and structure of part to be cast and type and temperature of metal being used. Starts machine to produce sample casting, and examines casting to verify setup. May clean diecasting machines, using high-pressure steam hose and detergent. May perform maintenance on machine or dies, such as replacing pipelines or hoses, lubricating machine, or replacing ejector pins in dies. May verify machine setups and adjust malfunctioning machines and be designated Die-Casting-Machine Maintainer. May dismantle dies for repair by DIE MAKER, STAMPING.