Die-Casting-Machine Operator II

Tend diecasting machines that cast parts from nonferrous metals.

What does a Die-Casting-Machine Operator II do?

Tends diecasting machine that casts parts, such as automobile trim, carburetor housings, and motor parts from nonferrous metals, such as zinc, aluminum, or magnesium: Turns valves to regulate flow of water circulating through dies. Blows metal fragments from die surfaces, using airhose, and brushes lubricant over die cavity and plunger. Ladles molten metal into chamber by hand when using cold chamber machine. Pushes button to close and lock dies and activate plunger that forces molten metal into die cavities. Removes casting after dies open automatically, using tongs or pliers. Inspects casting for defects, such as cracks or bubbles. May measure casting, using fixed gauges. May dip castings in water to cool. May regulate speed of machine.