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Dictating Transcribing Machine Servicer

Repair magnetic tape and grooved-tape dictating-transcribing machines.

What does a Dictating Transcribing Machine Servicer do?

Repairs magnetic tape and grooved-tape dictating-transcribing machines, using wiring diagrams, handtools, and electronic testing equipment: Tests machines to isolate defective circuits, using oscilloscope, audioscope, test meters, tube and circuit testers, and referring to wiring diagrams. Replaces faulty parts, such as tubes, transistors, microphones, relays, and resistors, using soldering iron and handtools. Replaces or adjusts mechanical elements, such as playback mechanisms, remote control switches, and tape reels. Operates repaired machines to test their performances. May operate bench lathe to fabricate shims, bolts, and other similar parts. May be designated according to type of machine repaired as Dictating-Transcribing-Machine Servicer, Grooved Tape; Dictating-Transcribing-Machine Servicer, Magnetic Tape. Important variables may be indicated by trade name of machines repaired.