Diaper Machine Tender

Tend automatic machines that form disposable diapers.

What does a Diaper Machine Tender do?

Tends automatic machine that forms disposable diapers: Threads rolls of woodpulp, plastic backing, and nonwoven fabric facing in specified sequence through guides of machine. Fills glue reservoir and fragrance receptacle, and loads diaper tape tabs into dispensing bins. Flips switch to start machine that automatically crushes woodpulp into fiber; sprays fiber to impart fragrance; applies glue to join layers of diapers into continuous strip; affixes tape tabs to strip at designated intervals; applies glue to shape form-fit diapers; cuts strip into individual diapers; and folds diapers in half for packing. Observes operation of machine and examines diapers to detect machine malfunctions. Turns knobs or screws to make minor adjustments to sections of machine, such as rollers, cutting blades, and folding device, using handtools. Notifies maintenance personnel when welding or parts replacement is required.