Diamond Blender

Tend mixing machines that blend metal powders with diamonds.

What does a Diamond Blender do?

Tends mixing machine that blends metal powders with diamonds and powered press that presses metal powder and mixed diamond powder onto bottom surface of mold cavity: Weighs and dumps ingredients into mixing machine. Starts machine that blends metal powder with diamonds. Removes mixture from machine and distributes portions to mold loaders. Requisitions graphite molds and punches. Pours metal powder onto backing cavity of mold and mixed diamond powder onto front of mold cavity, and places mold on table of powered press. Starts machine that presses powders onto bottom surface of mold cavity. Removes mold from press and inserts separation plates between center surfaces of molds. Glues molds together. Records number of molds filled from each diamond batch. Removes excess particles from induction-fired molds.