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Diabetes Nurse Practitioner



Formulate medical, mental, and emotional treatments for diabetic patients.

What does a Diabetes Nurse Practitioner do?

Diabetes is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease. But, with the proper diet, exercise, and medication, it can be monitored so that it becomes less pervasive for the patient. A Diabetes Nurse Practitioner is one type of medical professional who helps patients live with diabetes.

When you’re a Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, your duties fall somewhere between those of the Diabetes Nurse and the Primary Care Physician. Patients typically come to you after failing to control their symptoms under the care of their primary Doctor alone. So you perform an initial work-up and put together a holistic picture of the patient’s condition.

With all the data in front of you, you work with the patient to formulate a treatment plan. That might mean adding or changing medications, offering suggestions about dietary changes, or finding out what obstacles the patient is facing.

You also evaluate the patient’s mental and physical state. Patients suffering from diabetes can be frustrated, depressed, and in denial. Your Diabetes Nurse Practitioner toolbox prepares you to nurture each patient and offer emotional support when times are tough.

In addition to your diagnostic abilities and counseling skills, a huge part of your job is educating the patient and the family about the disease. That means you answer questions, suggest behavioral improvements, alleviate fears, and explain treatment options.

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