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Developer jobs are an integral part of many businesses. Successful developers have skills in javascript, jquery,, and XML. They can work in-house for one company or can be employed as consultants to work for numerous clients.

Developers graduate with a variety of different majors. Many developers graduate with a computer science degree. The remaining majors are a relatively equal mix of mathematics, management science, computer engineering, and computer and information sciences.

Developers are employed across many different industries as well as in both small and large businesses. They are more likely to be employed in information technology and computer software industries than in internet. Other industries that employ developers are marketing and advertising and financial services.

Location of work is also significant when deciding on a career path because some industries may be region specific. New York and Chicago are two attractive options for developers to find jobs. Alternative cities include San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles.


Develop exposed photographic film in series of chemical and water baths.

Salary Range: $63,500 - $88,400
Industry: Computer Software
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