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Investigate criminal cases to bring about justice.

What does a Detective do?

Do you spend a lot of time dreaming about solving the cases on CSI or NCIS? If so, consider a job as a Detective.

This title is used to generally describe the jobs of Private Investigator and Police Detective. It can be used almost interchangeably with these titles, as these two jobs are very similar in nature-the main difference between them being whether you work for the police department or freelance.

Regardless of who signs the checks, your job is to investigate the details of a case, and report the facts to the party that hired you. This might be someone who wants a cheating partner investigated, or someone who suspects their spouse is hiding assets during a divorce case. You might also handle cases regarding a missing person or murder.

Employers hire you to check up on employees too. So you put together background checks, and look for evidence of theft from the company. Lawyers also send work your way. In these cases, you dig up information on parties involved in the trial, either to strengthen the case or discredit witnesses.

Whatever case you decide to take on, you use specialized equipment, such as audio and visual surveillance equipment. You also need to be personable so you can build relationships with witnesses and informants. An eye for detail, an inquisitive nature, and the ability to be discreet will all serve you well. With this set of skills as well as determination, you too can brag about stories of solved mysteries, not just those Detectives from TV shows.

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