Design Scripter

Write the code for the little details of video games.

What does a Design Scripter do?

A Design Scripter writes the code that makes video game characters do what they do. You will be creating a scripting language, which will control everything in the game from cinematic events, to the behavior of the characters, to the game objectives. For big companies creating even bigger games, Design Scripters may end up working with a team of Scripters to create all of that code.

You are closely related to a Game Programmer, and like that person Design Scripters work primarily with code. But the work you do is actually fairly separate from the core code of the application. In fact, they’re written in different languages: The core code is written in C++ and controls graphics, sound, and other really big elements. Your script, on the other hand, is a more agile code, and takes care of more detailed elements. This includes things like character movements, the opening of a door, and other smaller actions that take place in front of the bigger C++ backdrop.

This is a pretty sweet job, and gives you a whole lot of freedom regarding technical innovation. You’ll also get to work with a ton of equally creative gamers, and collaborate on some cool projects. Plus your breaks will be pretty awesome-you’ll get to play games to, you know, check for bugs.