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Dermatology Physician Assistant

Help doctors treat skin problems by collecting data and ordering tests.

What does a Dermatology Physician Assistant do?

As a Dermatology Physician Assistant, you cater to the skin care needs of patients. You work as a mid-level practitioner with a fair amount of autonomy and independence. Dermatology Physician Assistants are found in specialized dermatology offices or multi-practice clinics. You may be one of the first medical professionals that a patient sees, or you may come in after a Medical Assistant or lower-level Nurse has already met with the patient.

On a typical workday, you gather information, assist in making diagnoses, and order additional tests as necessary. Formulating treatment regimens in cooperation with Doctors is another important part of your job. You need good communications skills, both when dealing with coworkers and when explaining medical issues to your patients. You’ll form relationships with your patients over the course of your career, and develop the right bedside manner.

Dermatological procedures can range from simple and non-invasive tests to complex surgeries. As a Dermatology Physician Assistant, you work in a challenging, dynamic field. Keeping up to date on the latest advances in medical science and maintaining ongoing professional development are vital to your success.

Expect to work regular hours in a clinic, with overtime or weekend hours if your position requires you to be “on call.” It’s all part of helping people and giving them the care that they need.