Dermatology Nurse

Care for patients who have a variety of skin-related ailments or concerns.

What does a Dermatology Nurse do?

Health care is skin deep for a Dermatology Nurse. When you’re a Dermatology Nurse, diagnosing psoriasis (a skin disease that causes itchy breakouts), examining moles, and treating skin cancer make up your many talents. A special type of Registered Nurse, you treat and educate patients on various skin conditions and diseases. From treating breakouts to moles, you improve your patients’ health and enhance their appearance.

Like any Nurse, a Dermatology Nurse works in shifts and starts by reviewing the current patient’s history. You don’t need to know her favorite color or what she eats for dinner, but you do need to know about past medical visits and any lifestyle changes that might affect her skin condition. Stress or an allergic reaction may be the culprit behind a sudden skin rash.

After examining the problem, you turn control over to the Dermatologist, who makes the official diagnosis and prescribes a treatment plan. Then you’re back to take skin or blood samples for testing and to assist with treatment. One patient could need only a special cream to heal dry skin while another might need a mole removed to prevent the spread of cancer.

Once the in-office treatment phase is complete, you take on the role of Teacher, educating your patients about their conditions and how to treat them at home. You stress how crucial proper self-care is to the healing process. Each patient is different, and while your work hours may be set, your job is anything but routine.