Dermatological Surgeon

Perform surgeries on patients' skin.

What does a Dermatological Surgeon do?

Dermatological Surgeons are Dermatologists who perform specialized surgeries on the skin and nearby tissues. Sometimes called Dermasurgeons, they meet with patients suffering from skin-related ailments, or those seeking to mitigate the effects of aging. Skin cancer surgery and plastic surgery are two common specializations for this field. If you want to help keep people’s skin healthy and youthful, then a career as a Dermatological Surgeon could be right for you.

Doctors keep strange hours. As a Dermatological Surgeon, you could easily spend every day giving consultations and performing surgeries in a packed clinic. Or you could choose to maintain a smaller patient roster and perform operations only on certain days of the week, lessening your workload and freeing up your schedule.

You may also be required to be “on call” at your practice or affiliated hospital. As you gain knowledge and experience, you’ll have more control over your schedule and the type of practice you want to work in. No two days will be the same, however.

Dermatological Surgeons are found in a variety of settings. Some work in private clinics geared specifically towards dermatology, while others are employed by multi-practice centers, clinics, or hospitals. Often, you’ll work independently with just your own team of support professionals, but you may be called in to function as part of a team if a patients has a skin-related issue connected with other medical conditions. Be prepared to offer analysis and pair your skills with those of other medical professionals for the good of your patients.