Deputy Probation Officer

Help Probation Officers rehabilitate offenders.

What does a Deputy Probation Officer do?

Keeping the streets safe while giving people a chance at a new way of living, a Deputy Probation Officer helps criminal offenders redirect their lives. As an employee of the court, the Deputy Probation Officer develops and enforces rehabilitation plans, and reports progress to Judges, Probation Officers, and Attorneys.

As a Deputy Probation Officer, you likely work in a jail or courthouse. Using your background in psychology, criminal justice, communication, and human development, you may work with both adults and juveniles. Whether you’re employed by a local judicial system or the federal court system, offenders rely on you for direction on how they can turn their lives around.

For example, when working with adult offenders, you make recommendations on education and employment. By providing a specific set of guidelines and recommendations, you help them realize that there’s another way to live and make money. Whether you’re establishing an educational plan or assisting in finding employment, you meet with your clients regularly to make sure they get with the program. Since they know that failure to comply with your rules may mean serving jail time, they’re more likely to comply.

You put your excellent communication and English skills to good use as you compile reports on each offender’s background, family history, criminal record, and recommendations for the court. Whether counseling an offender on behavior and alternatives to crime or appearing in the courtroom, you can be personally responsible for changing lives!