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Deputy Court Clerk



Handle the paperwork that keeps the legal system up and running.

What does a Deputy Court Clerk do?

Justice slips away without the proper warrants, forms, and evidence documentation to support a court case. As a Deputy Court Clerk, you’re in the business of taming the paper monsters of the legal system. Whether you’re processing forms for an upcoming trial or keeping records of who’s paid their speeding tickets, Deputy Court Clerks handle the valuable data that keeps the legal system in order.

So what’s your daily role as Deputy Court Clerk? Work hours are typically spent performing administrative duties-a fancy way of saying you provide excellent customer service, answer questions, fill out and file documents, and accept money from those who need to pay off fines.

Then come the court cases, and that’s when your role shifts. Whenever an active court case is pending, it’s time to research and prepare for it. Don’t worry, you won’t be debating anyone in a courtroom. Instead, you determine what documents are needed for the case, such as records of past search warrants, and ensure they’re filed in time for the trial to get underway.

Other days, you change gears from current cases to upcoming investigations and legal matters. Petitions, warrants, and a host of other paperwork are constantly zooming across your desk, and it takes a watchful eye to see that everything is filled out properly. Playing by the rules means filing the correct paperwork, and that’s an area you excel in.

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