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Department Store Santa



Wear a seasonal red suit and beard to pose for Christmas photos at malls.

What does a Department Store Santa do?

“Ho ho ho!” Santa is a jolly old elf with a jolly job to match. Department Store Santas have the upbeat, cheerful, belly-jiggling job of entertaining children, posing for pictures, building memories, and spreading the holiday spirit.

As a Department Store Santa, you climb onto your perch at Macy’s or Kohl’s where you wait for the jubilant children to arrive. Typically, you have set hours, with evenings and weekends being the most popular time for the munchkins to drag their parents in. Although it’s only a seasonal job, the hours may be long during the month that you do work.

Your workday as Department Store Santa begins when you get into costume. If you don’t naturally sport a white beard, a plump belly, and a head full of snowy hair, you pile on the Santa gear, which, of course, is topped off with the jolly red Santa suit. The last addition is your cheery smile, which you keep in place until the last Christmas wish has been sent your way.

Listening is a big part of the job since the children come to share their hopes and dreams. But in addition to your listening skills, your sense of humor and tolerance are pushed to the limit. The job is a combination of Teacher, Child Care Provider, and Translator as you answer questions about your sleigh, tolerate finger jabs and beard yanks, and try to understand what a two-year-old is asking for.

Merry Christmas!

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