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Department Store Manager



Run an entire department store.

What does a Department Store Manager do?

Making cookies was supposed to be easy, but something went wrong, and now the homemaker needs a new mixer, dishwasher, baking sheet, kitchen rug, dining room table, and bathrobe. She could buy all of these items at separate stores, or she could save time and head to the department store to find everything she needs. When she arrives, the store is perfectly arranged and the prices are just right, and it’s all because of the work of the Department Store Manager.

If you’re a Department Store Manager, each department in your store has a Department Manager who reports to you. Once a year, Department Store Managers formally evaluate these employees, and when they’re not performing well, you offer suggestions to help them improve. If they don’t improve, you replace them with more compliant workers. You also hire Security Officers to catch crooks, and Housekeepers to keep the store clean and tidy.

Each day, you look at a report detailing the sales from the previous day. If you determine that a specific item is selling very fast, you ask the Department Manager to order more of that item. If another item is slow to move, you lower the price and hope more buyers will bite.

Holding sales promotions can help you clear inventory, and you determine what items will go on sale and how much the discount will be. Running ads on television and radio can help you promote your sales, and it’s your responsibility as the Department Store Manager to make those media purchases.

If customers have complaints about the store, it’s you they seek out. In these meetings, you listen to the complaints and then follow up with your Department Manager to make changes.

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