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Department Manager



Hire and direct a sales team specializing in one particular department.

What does a Department Manager do?

Each department in a department store functions both individually and with other departments under the direction of a Department Manager. In charge of leading the Sales Associates and handling customer service in her area, the Department Manager ensures that her department contributes to the store’s overall performance and profit. As a Department Manager, you serve as the leader for your section, and you report to the Store Manager.

On busy days, every department has a Department Manager present. You know everything there is to know about the section you work in, whether you’re selling cell phones or suits. During business hours, you’re on the floor promoting products, tracking revenue, and reviewing your team’s performance.

When you’re not policing your area, you meet with other Managers to discuss the store’s performance. Your sharp eye identifies what’s working and what needs fixing. Weekly sales ads may boost profits while your creepy dinosaur mascot does not.

Less frequent tasks in your job include training new employees, rearranging the department, and handling customer complaints. Managers evaluate your performance based on customer satisfaction and monthly revenue, so an outgoing, friendly attitude is vital. In this job, you’re just as at home chatting with a customer as you are with an old friend. That’s what seals the deal!

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