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Denture Waxer

Mold wax to form contour molds of gums, palates and other denture surfaces.

What does a Denture Waxer do?

Molds wax over denture setup to form contour molds of gums, palates, bridges, and other denture surfaces for use in casting plaster models or metal framework of dentures, using molding equipment and handtools: Applies softened wax to base of denture setup and fills spaces between adjacent teeth, using spatula and fingers. Carves and shapes wax, using scraper, knife, and heated spatula to form natural-appearing denture contours. Verifies occlusion of teeth, using articulator. May mix plaster or melt metals and pour plaster or molten metal in contour molds to form model for duplicate casting [DENTURE-MODEL MAKER 712.684-046]. May construct wax bite blocks and plastic trays [BITE-BLOCK MAKER 712.684-014].