Denture Technician

Fit dentures to help clients eat, talk, and smile with ease.

What does a Denture Technician do?

To you, dentures, or false teeth, are not just for making a person’s life a little easier. They are masterpieces waiting to be carefully crafted into teeth so lifelike, no one would ever know they’re fake. As a Denture Technician, you design and create these simple yet brilliant devices that are necessary for eating, talking, and smiling normally.

Dentists work with the patients, while you spend your day in a nice, quiet dental laboratory whittling away on your latest creation. The power of a winning smile is at your fingertips. Like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, Denture Technicians slowly mold and shape each tooth right down to the individual ridges and lines that give it texture. Unlike Michelangelo, you work with cutting-edge equipment while sitting in a padded chair.

It’s not just a matter of properly shaping the dentures, but of choosing the best material, size, and color as well. So many details go into creating a tooth. Denture Technicians must fit the dentures to the person’s mouth and ensure that when they smile, the teeth look natural, not like an overly white toothpaste commercial.

Each denture is made from several different molds that, throughout the development process, evolve to resemble the patient’s mouth. Your lab is stocked full of false teeth which you adhere to the dentures one by one. After much poking and prodding, you smooth down the final mold to present to the patient. They’re now ready for their close-up.