Keep teeth clean and healthy.

What does a Dentist do?

Dentists treat and prevent diseases of the teeth, mouth and gums. Having healthy teeth affects the rest of the body, so you can take pride in the fact that your work is really helping people to stay healthy.

As a dentist you should enjoy working with people, love science, and have an eye for detail, all of which will help you in your daily tasks. Your days will most likely be flexible and revolve around your times of availability. At work dentists meet with patients, give them exams, and figure out the best method of treatment. And while you get pretty good with a drill and fillings, you’re also responsible for applying sealants, straightening and repairing teeth, and even making dentures.

You should also take it upon yourself to help and guide your patients in their oral care, showing them the best ways to brush and floss regularly. Having an approachable, easy personality is very important for your patients, since a trip to the dentist is usually the last thing that people want to do (no offense). So be humorous and friendly with your patients, and you might even get them to look forward to their appointments.