Dental Equipment Sales Representative

Sell dental chairs, x-ray machines, or other products in a specific region.

What does a Dental Equipment Sales Representative do?

When hippos need their teeth cleaned, they just open their mouths and let small birds fly in to pick out the detritus. Humans have a more difficult time, and heavy-duty tools are often required to do the job right. As a Dental Equipment Sales Representative, you sell those tools.

Most companies break the country into territories and give each Representative a specific territory to cover. Every day, Dental Equipment Sales Representatives visit a few of the dental offices in your territory. It’s wise to make an appointment before you arrive so you don’t waste time reading out-of-date magazines in the lobby until the staff has an opportunity to chat.

Sometimes, you describe the new and innovative products your company is manufacturing. You have fliers to hand out, of course, but you may also use your charm and charisma while you describe how the products work and where they could be placed in the dental office. Other times, you simply take orders for the basic, standard medical equipment components that Dentists use and wear out each day.

Taking clients to lunch or dinner may also be part of your job as a Dental Equipment Sales Representative. People are more likely to buy from their friends than they are from strangers. Cultivating relationships can take a lot of work, however, and you may keep flash cards in your car to help you remember the names of each person in the office.