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Dental Ceramist



Apply layers of porcelain or acrylic paste over metal framework.

What does a Dental Ceramist do?

Applies layers of porcelain or acrylic paste over metal framework to form dental prostheses, such as crowns, bridges, and tooth facings, according to prescription of DENTIST 072.101-010: Mixes porcelain or acrylic paste according to prescription to match color of natural teeth. Applies layers of mixture over metal framework, using brushes and spatula. Brushes excess mixture from denture and places denture in furnace to harden. Removes denture from furnace, brushes on additional layer of mixture, and shapes mixture to contour of denture, using spatula. Repeats mixture-application process and baking until denture conforms to specifications. Verifies accuracy of tooth dimensions and occlusion of teeth, using micrometer and articulator. Cleans and polishes dental prostheses, using ultrasonic machine and polishing machine.

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