Dental Amalgam Processor

Operate machines to process dental-amalgam for testing with interferometer.

What does a Dental Amalgam Processor do?

Operates machines to process dental-amalgam and tests amalgam with interferometer: Anneals ingot of tin, copper, and silver to obtain specified molecular characteristics [ANNEALER]. Cuts ingot into chips of uniform size, using engine lathe. Pours chips into hopper of grinder and starts machine to grind chips into microgranules of specified size. Loads granules into elutriator and turns valve to regulate flow of water that forces granules through sieves to separate granules, according to size. Loads moist granules in drying machine or oven. Mixes specimen quantity of alloy with mercury, using amalgamator machine or mortar and pestle, and packs mixture into mold. Removes amalgam from mold and places amalgam between glass panels of instrument. Counts black bands appearing within circle of instrument and informs supervisor of number of bands.