Density Control Puncher

Punch symbols in perforated tape or notches in film negatives.

What does a Density Control Puncher do?

Punches symbols in perforated tape or notches in negative film which control color and light density changes during printing of motion picture film, using electric tape puncher, film footage counter, and hand notcher: Punches density control symbols in tape according to timing specifications, using tape puncher. Feeds tape through viewing machine and observes light, color, and film footage recordings to verify accuracy of punched symbols. Mounts roll of filter tape or reel of negative film on bench spindle and threads material through footage counter onto takeup spindle. Turns crank to wind material through footage counter and observes footage recording or negative image to determine where density changes are required. Stops counter at point where density change is indicated and cuts filter tape, using cutting machine or notches film, using hand notcher. Routes tape and film to printing department. Maintains production records. May be designated according to method used as Matte Cutter; Negative Notcher.