Demonstrate and describe products to customers to boost sales.

What does a Demonstrator do?

Demonstrators show products to customers and explain the characteristics and benefits of those products with the intention of increasing sales. Most businesses, retail shops, and supermarkets employ demonstrators either as full-time employees or only during a specific festival season. This is an ideal position for those with excellent people skills looking to create a niche in sales.

A thorough knowledge of the specifications and benefits of the product is required, for which you attend periodic classes conducted by the store or business. If you’re happy to meet and interact with people, and are friendly and engaging, this might be your dream job. Physical energy is required to walk and stand for long hours.

Prospective employers look for a positive outlook, literacy, and the ability to work with numbers. A basic degree in communications, sales, or marketing, or training and experience in customer service jobs are needed to apply for this job in the retail sector.

Working conditions may include evening hours and holidays or weekends. A demonstrator wears a uniform and sometimes even more formal attire. You may be required to arrange, gather, and host publicity material as well.