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Demolition Worker



Tear down buildings with your strength and sledgehammer skills.

What does a Demolition Worker do?

Paid to tear buildings, walls, and structures down, Demolition Workers take matters into their own hands — literally. The construction industry provides the Demolition Worker the chance to break through walls and tear down ceilings to create a new structural masterpiece.

Working with Construction Foremen, Site Managers, and Architects, the Demolition Worker has the dream job of nearly every small child in the world. In this job, you get to break things without getting punished; instead, you get paid! A background in construction, design, and general labor is essential as you get your hands dirty and give your muscles a workout.

The ability to take direction and communicate effectively is essential. When told which kitchen cabinets go and which stay, you must always get it right. One mistake could cost the company money and leave the owner frustrated.

Without question, physical strength and stamina are mandatory for this position. Whether you’re wielding a sledgehammer, carrying materials, or operating heavy equipment, your muscles are working throughout your entire shift. Dropping behind or dropping the hammer is not an option, as the next steps of a project often depend on demolition activities.

Depending on your region of employment, work may be seasonal. Seasonal employment typically requires you to save money for the “off-season” so you’ll make it through the slower months. The work is hard, the hours can be long, but at the end of the day, you see the changes you’ve made through your effort and strength. How’s that for immediate gratification?

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