Delivery Driver

Deliver pizzas, paper shipments, medicine, and more via automobile.

What does a Delivery Driver do?

As a Delivery Driver, you drive company vehicles, mail trucks, perhaps even your own vehicle, in order to make deliveries. A Delivery Driver should be a good Driver first and foremost, and have a love of driving, because you’ll be doing a lot of it.

Delivery Drivers may deliver things like food, equipment, mail, appliances, furniture, and packages. Of course, for the smaller items, lifting isn’t a concern. But for the larger ones, you have to be prepared to move them on your own, so you should be fit enough to lift heavy objects semi-easily.

Your work may be a long-term job that involves cross-country travel or driving along other specified routes. Or it may be short-term, with daily deliveries within a certain zone. In either case, making deliveries according to schedule is your top priority.

You may also be in charge of gathering payments from customers, getting signatures for deliveries, and doling out receipts. In addition, you keep records of your deliveries, gas usage, and mileage. You’re also in charge of routine maintenance and repairs, whether or not the vehicle you’re using is your own.

Your job may involve a lot of heavy lifting, and you may need to work in varying weather conditions and bad traffic. But if you love driving, and are good at customer relations, this might be a good fit for you. And just about everyone will love seeing you coming down their driveway-who doesn’t love getting a package?