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Deicer Tester

Test performance of electric airplane deicers.

What does a Deicer Tester do?

Tests performance of electric airplane deicers: Connects deicer to controlled electric circuit or battery to test for electrical shorts and faulty insulation. Turns control switch to expose deicer to specified voltage, and observes surface of deicer to detect melting or smoking rubber. May submerge activated deicer in water to detect bubbles or electrical flash that indicate defective area. Dusts deicer with zinc stearate and exposes deicer to specified voltage to test heating performance. Verifies dimensions of deicer, using rule and snap gauge. Marks and sorts defective deicers for scrap or repair. Records test data. May examine rubber plies of deicer for defects, such as cracks, blisters, and ply separations.