Deicer Repairer

Repair defective parts of airplane deicers.

What does a Deicer Repairer do?

Repairs defective parts of airplane deicers: Cuts out premarked defects, such as cracks and blisters, from rubber plies of deicer with knife. Buffs defective area to prepare it for patching, using portable electric buffer. Mends wiring defects in electric deicers, using soldering iron. Cuts out and patches defective spots in rubberized-fabric air tubes and manifolds of pneumatic deicers. Swabs defective area of rubber plies with rubber cement to provide adhesive surface. Positions uncured rubber patch on defective area and rolls down with hand roller to promote adherence. Trims excess rubber from patch with knife. Cures and vulcanizes patch, using portable vulcanizing equipment. Lifts repaired deicer to handtruck for removal to inspection department. May be designated according to type of deicer repaired as Deicer Repairer, Electric; Deicer Repairer, Pneumatic.