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Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator

Pilot deep submergence vehicles to obtain oceanographic research data.

What does a Deep Submergence Vehicle Operator do?

Commands and pilots deep submergence vehicle to obtain oceanographic research information, recover other sunken vessels or objects from ocean floor, and to transport passengers, such as scientists, researchers, and technicians to ocean bottom: Conducts predive and postdive inspection of vehicle to ensure vehicle is seaworthy and life support systems are functioning in specified manner. Reads gauges to verify hydraulic fluid, air pressure, and oxygen are at designated levels. Navigates vehicle based on such knowledge as ocean, currents, and vehicle characteristics. Pushes and pulls control levers on console to steer vehicle. Pushes switches to supply power to various units, such as mainpower supply and mechanical arms which are located outside of vehicle and are used to pick up, collect, or move objects on ocean floor. Monitors sonar and navigational aids. Directs subordinates in their activities. Occasionally instructs students in operation of vehicle.