Decorating Equipment Setter

Set up manually controlled or automatic decorating equipment.

What does a Decorating Equipment Setter do?

Sets up manually controlled or automatic decorating equipment that prints designs on glass or plastic containers or ware according to either of following methods: Determines type and color of designs to print on containers from orders. Pushes portable, manually controlled decorating equipment and roller conveyors into position for printing. Centers silk screen and squeegee attachment over container on decorating equipment, using gauge, and bolts screen to holding fixture. Examines containers for paint smears and position of design to determine if equipment needs adjusting. Bolts chucks to conveyor of automatic decorating machine to accommodate containers of specified size. Turns setscrews and bends contacts on trip switches to adjust stroke of automatic decorating machine so designs are printed in designated locations on containers. Inspects decorating equipment, and replaces defective switches, pulleys, fixtures, screws, and bolts, using handtools, and sharpens squeegee blades, using bench grinder. May record types of quantities of containers decorated in production log. May mix paints according to formula, using bench mixer.