Maintain vessels and assist the captain in ship operations.

What does a Deckhand do?

A deckhand is responsible for maintaining the vessel throughout its travels as well as assisting the captain. You could be a deckhand on any kind of watercraft, like a ferryboat, dredge, or yacht. You’re responsible for the cleanliness of the vessel, so you sweep and wash the decks. You help with the varnishing, painting, and waxing. Deckhands lubricate the engines and other machinery and load and unload materials as needed. You handle mooring lines and make sure that tow cables are intact. In case of emergencies, it is your responsibility to lower and man the lifeboats.

Deckhands help the captain by welcoming guests on board and also seeing them off at the end of the journey. You are also responsible for housekeeping duties, steering watches, or lookout watches. You make sure that passengers are not engaged in unsafe activities.

Although boating qualifications are not required, having a degree can be an asset. You must, however, be aware of maritime safety issues, and must also know how to navigate and handle engines as well as radio equipment. Physical fitness and teamwork are also requirements.