Deburring and Tooling Machine Operator

Set up and control operation of deburring and tooling machines.

What does a Deburring and Tooling Machine Operator do?

Sets up and controls operation of computerized deburring and tooling machine to perform series of machining operations, such as drilling, chamfering, and deburring, on ball-shaped plastic typing element for use in electric typewriters: Reads blueprints, job order, and tooling instructions to determine cutting tools and sequence of operations. Positions and secures deburring and cutting tools onto holding fixtures of machine, using handtools. Loads plastic elements into feed mechanism of machine. Depresses switch to actuate machine and observes machining operation to detect feeding and tooling malfunctions as typing element is automatically fed through series of tooling stations. Adjusts and changes machine tools to ensure deburring meets company specifications. Repairs or replaces parts, such as cylinders and air lines, using handtools. Inspects machined typing elements at discharge end of machine to ensure conformance to quality specifications, using gauges and microscope. Notifies engineering personnel when corrective action is required. Maintains stock of machined parts and cutting tools.