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Database Marketing Analyst



Help marketing efforts by gathering and analyzing customer information.

What does a Database Marketing Analyst do?

The smartest thing a company can do to earn a profit is to market itself and its products well. And one of the tactics it can use to get its name out to possible consumers is direct marketing. That’s stuff like fliers, mailings, or emails-pretty much any form of marketing that isn’t a traditional ad like those found on TV, radio, or billboards.

As a Database Marketing Analyst, you take the idea of direct marketing one step further by using existing databases to find information about potential clients. Database Marketing Analysts use the data they collect to create marketing strategies and plans to increase their company’s sales.

The databases you use are made up of information that gets collected from people every time they do something like sign up for a contest, fill out a warranty, or apply for a credit card. You analyze this information and do market research to discover what your customers are looking for and how your company can better market itself. You look at things like the growth of the company and sales conversion numbers, and then prepare reports containing your marketing suggestions.

There’s a lot of collaboration in a Database Marketing Analyst’s job. You work with both the analytics department (that’s the department that runs numbers on how well sales are doing) and the advertising department. Based on the market research you do and the numbers you discover, you help form the image the company will present to the public.

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