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Database Designer



Plan virtual storage systems for company information.

What does a Database Designer do?

A database is a collection of information that is neatly organized on a computer. If you’ve ever made a master camping list, or kept a running total of staple pantry items, then you’ve already created a simple database.

Companies use databases for any number of things. Transaction histories and customer profiles are common examples. As a Database Designer, you plan, design, and implement these databases to suit the business’s needs.

You start the process by identifying the purpose of the database. Is the goal to track a specific type of inventory? Perhaps you’re creating a database of animal photos, medical files, or housing sales in the state.

Whatever the subject, a Database Designer gathers the required information and begins organizing it into tables. In addition to the text, you also consider graphics, photos, and other components of the layout. Then you input the data in such a way that it will be easy to find later.

This is a major component of the Database Designer’s job because the goal is to be able to access information and create reports. Say, for example, a business wants to research the discounts customers used over a holiday weekend, or examine the number of medium-sized black gloves sold in the last month. Whatever the information, your database provides it.

So, if you have an aptitude for computers and a passion for organization, a job as a Database Designer might be for you.

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